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Welcome to MJA Labs.

MJA labs is my company, created to distribute the software that I write to the world. Now that I have a decent amount of space for this site, a design, and my own hostname, I have decided to expand and enhance my original web site. The original MJA Labs web site was located on my personal server while I attended college at WPI. Now that I am out in the real world it is time to get a serious site going. If you came in the front door you will see the 4 categories I currently use on this site. If you came here through a search engine or other link, then I invite you to visit the other areas of this site through the front door.

The idea for MJA Labs (and the name) originally came from just a name to fill in on the 'Company' spaces when installing software. During college, when I began to write some serious software, I decided to use the name for my own software company. My main development platforms are OS/2 and Java. I don't write any Windoze programs. I have released a CGI guestbook written in C, and I have plans for several new programs.

Please explore the site. Some areas may be a little rough at first, but I'm working on it.

Please send any comments and suggestions to mendolf@mja-labs.com

Thanks you for shopping MJA Labs, please come again