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Welcome to the MJA Labs products page. On this page I will provide descriptions and links to the software currently offered by MJA Labs. Visit the download page to get any of the software listed. The second area of products from MJA labs is systems I build for my friends, proudly displaying the MJA Labs logo. Currently I only build systems for friends and relatives, but that may change at some point.

Current Software Products

Qchat was my senior college project. I plan on reworking this and releasing it as an official freeware product. Here is a link to the documentation. I am also looking for someone who has an OS/2 machine connected to the Internet as a web server who could act as a Qchat server for demonstration purposes. Please e-mail me at mendolf@mja-labs.com.

Guestbook for OS/2
This was developed as a simple guestbook to run on my OS/2 web server, unfortunately since I no longer have and OS/2 web server I can't demonstrate this one. It is still available from the download page. Here is the guestbook before I left college.

NEW - If you are using my guestbook on your system please let me know. I will provide a link to the guestbook and your page from this site.

REXX Scripts
I have written a few REXX scripts for OS/2. One of my favorites is a small script that utilizes the socket support provided by OS/2 to close sockets. When you have a connection that fails and you don't want to wait for it to timeout, simply run netstat -s to find the socket number, and then run socket_close. Simply enter the socket number and it will be closed. Enter 0 to end the script. Warning: Randomly closing sockets can cause programs to crash and/or your network connection to become unresponsive.