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The DragonLance series of books, published by TSR, is probably my favorite Sci-Fi Fantasy series. I have almost every book in print, at least every one that has gotten as far as my local bookstore. For anyone who has read the series, my favorite character is Raistlin Majere, followed closely by Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Here are some good links I have found. Hopefully I will have my own DragonLance page to add to this list soon. Most of the links here are in reference to the books, unless otherwise noted.

The Characters
Raistlin Majere
Caramon Majere
Tanthalas (Tanis) Half-Elven
Laruranthalasa (Laurana) Kanan
Kitiara Uth-Matar
Tasslehoff Burrfoot
Flint Fireforge
Tika Waylan
Sturm Brightblade
Fizban the Fabulous (Paladine)
The Queen of Darkness (Takhisis)
On-line Catalog
On-line Store
The Fifth Age RPG
The Authors (not complete)
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Mark Anthony
Nancy Varian Berberick
Jeff Grubb
Richard A. Knaak
Roger E. Moore
Douglas Niles
Nick O'Donohoe
Dan Parkinson
Michael Williams
The Artists
Larry Elmore
Karl Waller
The Role Playing Games
Dragonlance - Fifth Age (at TSR)
Other Pages
DragonLance Dot Com